Professional History

Lynn Felici-Gallant has been gardening for over 20 years, and writing “as long as I can remember.”

After  a career as an attorney and advocate for women, children and the poor, Lynn left the practice of law in 1997 to follow her passion for plants and for writing.

Her professional foray into the field of horticulture began in 1997 with JNL Landscape, Inc. and The Flower Company, one of New England’s premier garden designers and grower of uncommon annuals for northern climates.

Lynn continued her creative and professional development as herbaceous plants manager and marketing director for Churchill’s Gardens, a nationally recognized, award-winning home and garden center on the seacoast of NH.

She honed her creative skills and business acumen for over a decade before launching Indigo Gardens, llc, in 2007.

Business Philosophy:

“My goal in establishing Indigo Gardens is to combine my design and business abilities into a single entity whose purpose is to unearth other’s creative potential – to help individuals, homeowners, and businesses realize their ability to make an impression that reflects their personality, and/or the message they wish to convey.”

The fine gardening component of Indigo Gardens seeks to demystify gardening for people of all abilities through inspired designs, education and consultation about the craft.

Garden writing and freelance writing and editing enables Lynn to utilize her  passion for language to assist others in putting their best face forward.

“It’s my intention to help people present themselves in a way they can be proud of, at home or in business.”

Professional Memberships;Lynn is a member of the following professional organizations:

  • The New Hampshire Bar Association;
  • The American Horticultural Association;
  • The Garden Conservancy;
  • The Garden Writer’s Association;
  • The Underground: a Grassroots Organization of Landscape Professionals.